Annual Events Held in Las Vegas Nevada

The city of Las Vegas holds several events throughout the year. Many people travel to this town specifically for these annual festivities, having a blast at every event they attend. Two of the most popular annual events held in Las Vegas are Life is Beautiful and Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC).

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Life is Beautiful began only five years ago but has grown enormously since its first iteration back in 2013. Now held once per year each September, Life is Beautiful brings together food trucks from across the country with live music venues all over downtown Las Vegas filled with fans eagerly listening to their favorite performers on stage. The festival lasts three days and attendees can expect around 150 musical performances during that time frame, along with dance workshops, art installations and plenty more entertainment options.

This festival has become so popular, in fact, that the organizers have ventured into other cities such as Chicago and New York to bring their brand of entertainment. At Life is Beautiful you’ll find attendees decked out head to toe in costumes representing characters from pop culture’s favorite TV shows or movies while they walk around downtown enjoying all the unique offerings at this fun-filled event.

Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas (EDC) is another annual music festival held each year on a weekend during June since 2011. Called EDC LV for short, it was originally called “The Electric Daisy Carnival Experience” back when it took place inside Los Angeles County Fairgrounds but due to rising attendance numbers by fans across America wanting more than just one day of festivities, the event was moved to Las Vegas in 2011 for a three-day weekend.

EDC LV has expanded quite a bit since its inaugural year and now includes seven stages of music, carnival rides and other activities like zip lines that attendees can try out as they make their way through all the festivities over those three days. The festival is known for being one of the world’s biggest dance parties with some people traveling specifically from Europe or Asia just to attend this annual event here in Las Vegas. It truly brings together fans across America who love electronic dance music while at EDC you’ll also find others there simply wanting to enjoy what it has become – an amazing celebration filled with lights and sounds unlike anything else offered anywhere on Earth.

In addition to these two annual events, the city of Las Vegas hosts many other types of gatherings throughout the year. The SEMA Show is a prime example as it features more than 2000 exhibitors showcasing their latest and greatest products while attendees walk around looking at all they have to offer in every car-related category you can imagine from aftermarket parts for your daily driver to racecars built for speed.

This event has been held each November since 1967 and over time it’s grown tremendously where now those attending consist primarily of automotive industry professionals like CEOs or managers who work within this very competitive market segment. To get into this show, buyers must be associated with companies that either manufacture some type of automotive part or accessory specifically related to cars, trucks and motorcycles – so this is not an event for hobbyists or those looking to purchase parts for their homes.


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