City Parks in Las Vegas Nevada

People who want to come to Las Vegas Nevada are always looking for new and exciting things that they can do while on vacation. One of those activities is visiting one of the many city parks in a nearby area. There are several wonderful parks located throughout the greater metropolitan areas, so you will never have trouble finding one near where you may be staying or playing during your trip. No matter what part of town your hotel happens to be located in, there should certainly be at least one park within walking distance if not closer than that! All four major casinos (Bellagio, Aria, Venetian/Palazzo) all situate themselves along an expansive green space called The Park which connects them all as well as with T-Mobile Arena. This area also has statues and other public art, including a replica of the famous “Fountains of Bellagio” which are located at the namesake hotel/casino on Las Vegas Boulevard (the strip).

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The Park’s layout is wide open and inviting to visitors for walking or jogging, especially before or after events such as concerts that may be taking place in T-Mobile Arena; this makes it easy to go from casino to park with ease. There are many beautiful trees throughout The Park but not so much shade cover; if you’re planning an intense game of ultimate Frisbee you’ll want sunscreen! Or perhaps just enjoy watching others play while sipping on some iced tea from one of Aria’s bars.

People who want to stay closer to the busy Las Vegas Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard) might consider going next door, just across from The Park. There is an expansive park and green space called “The LINQ Promenade” which was created as part of a redevelopment project in 2014/2015. This area has lush grassy knolls with trees perfect for lounging around on while enjoying some water ice or taking selfies at one of its many fountains! A few restaurants are located within this promenade but no casinos; you’ll have plenty of time between lunch and dinner to walk back over towards your hotel if it’s on the strip side. Don’t forget about all that shopping too! If you’re looking for a new pair of shoes while you’re in Las Vegas, there are great shops for that here.

Parks help add to the wonderful experiences offered at each hotel casino on The Strip and throughout other parts of town. You’ll be certain to find a park nearby if not already located within your own resort! They offer peace, quiet, relaxation and some fun activities too; don’t forget about all that shopping! No matter which part of town you decide to stay or play near during your trip there will definitely be an accessible public park waiting for you.

Las Vegas Nevada has several beautiful city parks just waiting for visitors who want their next vacation experience to include something more than what they may have had before: visiting one of these parks is sure to be something that you want to do every time you come!

Additionally, The Park is great for walking, jogging or playing ultimate Frisbee. There are several statues and public art pieces which make it easy to take selfies while in the area as well!

Everyone who wants to come visit Las Vegas Nevada should know that there are plenty of parks just waiting for them no matter where they may be staying during their trip; say goodbye to boredom and hello enjoyment!


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