Crime Rate in Las Vegas Nevada

While the crime rate in Las Vegas may be high compared to other cities, it is important to note that these numbers are not a reflection of all people who live and work there. In fact, many factors contribute to the relatively higher than normal crime rate including: tourism, mobility (people coming and going), illegal activities taking place on federal land as well as drug usage especially methamphetamine use among young adults which has increased over time. The perception of safety can also play an influential role with statistics reporting more crimes occurring at night rather than during the day where you would expect them. However, this could be due in part because most visitors tend to visit from six pm through three am when bars close down for example even though no one goes out before eleven pm.

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The Las Vegas crime rate is 59 percent higher than the national average, making Las Vegas a dangerous place to be alone at night. Just because Las Vegas can be dangerous doesn’t mean that you should stay clear of the city; many people visit Las Vegas without becoming victims of crime.

Today, there are approximately 15,000 police officers in the Las Vegas Metro area. In 1990 that number was at 12,400 which is a 19 percent decrease over twenty years.

Las Vegas has fluctuated between having one of the highest crime rates and some of the lowest crime rates during its time as an up-and-coming city; however it still remains to be seen if this trend will continue or not. The country experienced similar fluctuations from 1970 to 2000 where many inner cities had high crime rates but then began seeing decreases by 2010 with significant improvements in overall safety nationwide (Arboleda).

Additionally, the Las Vegas police department has developed several programs aimed at helping to reduce crime including youth services, community outreach and neighborhood watch.

Crime is a complex issue that will continue to be explored in order to gain a better understanding of what factors have an influence over it like poverty and other socio-economic issues along with finding more effective ways of keeping people safe.

Las Vegas is very safe at night as long as you remain in the well-known tourist areas. All the popular tourist spots in Las Vegas, such as the Strip, are heavily patrolled by police either on foot, bike or horseback.

As a popular hotspot for tourists all year round, Las Vegas is generally a very safe destination to visit as a solo traveler so there’s no need to feel intimidated.

There’s no way you can be 100% safe anywhere on Earth so it is important to remain alert at all times while traveling. This includes your surroundings as well as who you decide to travel with – even if they seem completely innocent there have been cases of travelers being tricked into getting robbed by locals posing as fellow tourists for example (FBI). While these kinds of crimes aren’t particularly common, that doesn’t mean that they don’t happen; one must always take precautions before visiting foreign countries where English isn’t widely spoken or understood either which is why it is important to book a guided tour if necessary.


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