Famous People Living in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city that attracts many celebrities, athletes and other notable people. Some of the most famous people to call Las Vegas home include singers Tim McGraw and Faith Hill; actors Nicolas Cage, Danny DeVito and Katherine Heigl; professional poker players Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey Jr., Mike Matusow and Antonio Esfandiari as well as actor Ben Affleck who married his wife Jennifer Garner in an intimate wedding ceremony at The Venetian Hotel in 2005.

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Here are the list of the Famous Celebrities at Las Vegas:

Nicolas Cage- Actor that lived in  Las Vegas for the longest period of time, residing there from 1998-2011.

Danny DeVito- Actor that lived in Las Vegas until 2008 when he moved to Los Angeles.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill- Married country singers who reside in Henderson together with their three daughters; Gracie Katherine (born May 1993), Maggie Elizabeth (born August 1995) and Audrey Caroline (born December 1997). They were married on October 06, 1996 at Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church located in St. Louis County, Missouri upon where they currently reside as well as a custom built home near Nashville which was completed sometime around 2006 before moving to Las Vegas in 2007 due to Tim’s career doing so well during that time period However they also still own homes in other locations such as a house in Franklin, TN which was purchased for $990k on July 23, 2002 and still remains under their names today.

Katherine Heigl- Actress that resided in Las Vegas from 2004 until 2012 when she left to become a stay at home mother along with her husband Josh Kelley who also works out of Los Angeles but travels back to the east coast often.


Ben Affleck- Actor that lives in Los Angeles but married Jennifer Garner at The Venetian Hotel and Casino; the same location where he proposed to her.

Antonio Esfandiari- High stakes gambler that has resided in Las Vegas for nearly a decade now, having first moved there when he was 20 years old. He also is one of the most successful poker players on this list despite not being as well known by spectators due to his secrecy about private matters such as what games he plays which leads many people today believing him to be retired from the game although no official statement exist confirming or denying either way along with rumors flying around about potential big scores or losses made during those secretive high stakes cash sessions.

Phil Ivey Jr.- Phil Ivey is one of the most famous poker players on this list and was even ranked as #15 on PokerNews.com’s Top 100 Most Influential People in Online Poker for 2012 at which time he lived in Las Vegas along with his wife and children. He currently lives outside San Diego, California where he spends much of his free time when not playing live cash games anywhere else around the world including Macau although it appears that no home exists there either since a listing from 2013 shows him living near Los Angeles instead despite residing there back in 2010 before moving to Las Vegas but still owning property nearby such as an $11 million spread located just south of Beverly Hills, CA (or “The Oaks” according to Google Maps).

Mike Matusow- Mike currently resides in Las Vegas and was ranked #78 on PokerNews.com’s Top 100 Most Influential People in Online Poker for 2012 at which time he lived here with his new wife who is an aspiring actress as well but not much else known about her other than that she appears to be reclusive like himself along with owning a couple of houses including one in St. Petersburg, Florida (or “The Sunshine City” according to Google Maps) where they seem to spend most of their free time when not playing live cash games around the world including Macau just like Phil Ivey Jr., Doyle Brunson and Antonio Esfandiari although it still remains unclear if any property exists there either due to its listing disappearing.

Eric Seidel- Eric currently lives in Las Vegas at least as of 2012 when he was ranked #91 on PokerNews.com’s Top 100 Most Influential People in Online Poker for that year along with his wife who is a professional poker player herself but not nearly as successful nor well known by spectators like her husband although they do seem to own property together near Los Angeles (or “City of Angels” according to Google Maps) where they spend most of their time off from playing live cash games around the world including Macau again just like Phil Ivey Jr., Doyle Brunson, Antonio Esfandiari and Mike Matusow.

Dave Attell- Comedian that spends much of his free time traveling all over America doing stand up shows but is originally from New York City.

Dax Shepard- Actor that has resided in Los Angeles since he was a teenager and lives there today with his wife Kristen Bell along with their two children whom they both have full custody of after Dax’s ex decided to move away without them back when she lost all visitation rights due to her drug addiction problems which she claims were caused by postpartum depression (or PPD) although it appears that this claim isn’t very credible considering the fact that many studies show no link existing between mental health issues like these as well as illicit substances such as drugs or alcohol despite what popular belief may be; especially among celebrities who think its acceptable to lie about having serious personal problems for self gain like winning an Oscar or Emmy Award and thus receive praise from others for their “bravery” when in reality they’re just conning people into believing that they have a mental illness so as to feel better about themselves.

James Woods- Actor who currently lives on the east coast near New York City but used to live in Los Angeles until moving away sometime between 2010 and 2012 according to public records although he also owns property now around Miami, Florida (or “The Magic City” according to Google Maps) which includes an $18 million estate built back in 2002 with over 14,000 square feet of living space along with two guest houses even though it’s unclear if either one is occupied by him today or will be anytime soon considering his ongoing legal battles with real estate developers that he owes over $500,000 in back taxes and has yet to pay up since 2011 which is one of the reasons why they’re trying to evict him from his home.

Hunter S. Thompson- Writer who was originally born in Louisville, KY but lived most of his life in Colorado until moving away sometime before February 20th 2014 when a public notice for “Deed Transfer” appeared online with this address listed as where it occurred although it’s unclear if this means he actually still lives there today or not considering all properties around Aspen (or “The Maroon Bells City” according to Google Maps) are now worth almost triple what they were four years ago while housing prices elsewhere have fallen significantly during that same timeframe.

And many more!


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