Savannah Falls a Neighborhood in Las Vegas Nevada

Savannah Falls is a neighborhood in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are about 32 residents currently living within the area of Savannah Falls and it has been expanding over time with new residential buildings being built by developers to accommodate more people. The average age range for these individuals is between 20-30 years old making this mainly an adult community as opposed to having children or seniors reside here too. When you live at Savannah Falls there are plenty of amenities that you can take part in like swimming pool parties on hot summer days, game nights where everyone gets together playing poker or board games, and BBQs so that everyone can socialize while they enjoy food and beverages outdoors! If any homeowners have dogs then their furry friends will be able to come join them as well in this pet friendly community.

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If you are interested in purchasing a home at Savannah Falls then be prepared to pay around $300,000 because these homes go fast and they aren’t cheap! You can find condos or houses here with the average square feet per living space being around 1500 sqft. There is plenty of room for everyone who lives here whether it’s just one person or several members of their family so no matter how big your household is there should be enough space for all of you! This neighborhood boasts not only luxury but also convenience since everything that residents need such as groceries, retail stores, schools, churches etc. are within close proximity from them which prevents people from having to travel far distances they don’t want to put forth the effort to go on a daily basis.

It is great living in Savannah Falls because you are able to get away from all of the noise and traffic that comes with being in such an urban setting as Las Vegas, Nevada yet still have everything within reach so it doesn’t feel like you live out in the middle of nowhere either! This neighborhood gives people who choose not to commute during their work week a break where they can rest easy knowing no one will be honking at them or constantly trying to talk while driving. It’s also nice for those individuals who want more space than what most condos offer and don’t want to worry about maintaining yards too! Living here is generally peaceful but there is always something going on whether its partaking in any number of the many amenities or just hanging out with friends at one of the local bars and restaurants in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As you can see living here is extremely convenient because it gives people access to everything they need while being surrounded by their close loved ones so that there’s never a dull moment! Even though Savannah Falls is considered on the smaller side compared to some other neighborhoods in Las Vegas, Nevada this area stands its own ground when it comes down to what residents are able to do as well as how comfortable they feel considering all aspects of life are easily within reach for them. If you would like more information about buying property at Savannah Falls then visit us online today where we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our neighborhood such as where the homes are priced at, what amenities it includes and more!


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